CRAZY AWESOME CREATION!!! 09/24/2013 Event Time: 6:30-9:30 PM ET
Event Price: 55.00

Spend an amazing, life changing day, with internationally known healer, speaker, author, clairaudient, actress and radio host, Dee Wallace, for this mind blowing journey into the simplicity of creation. Discover what is blocking you, redirect it, and be open for miraculous change. healing, shifting and learning to direct the energy of you. PRIVATE CHANNELING SESSIONS are available on Wednesday, September 25th - $250 for 1 hour
Lily Dale New York Creating the connection to the Universe. Join Dee Wallace for three fun hours of asking the channel anything and everyth
Lily Dale New York Join Dee Wallace in exploring the principles of energy, becoming crystal clear about the process/formula for creation, a
Lily Dale New York Readings at the Maplewood Hotel!

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