It’s true. The happier you are the happier you get. It’s like you create your own contagious happy frequency. And that frequency within you electrifies you to yourself and everyone else. It is a glorious thing to plug ourselves in. Be our own high. Create our own buzz. Who-hoooo.

We are beginning to understand more realistically how all this works.

We know what we don’t want. So we pick what we do want.

Our brains might have been trained to limit or refuse the possibility of our choice.

We refocus, hold focus, and feel into the love and freedom to create a new groove in the old brain recording.

Stuff shifts and we create differently.

We experience our own power in the creation game.

And voila! Even more happiness!!!

It’s the desire and commitment to the happiness first that starts the whole process in motion. I am going to be happy no matter what. Period. I am the frequency of happy. Happy is me and, therefore, what I focus on and, therefore, what I create.

Miracles are happening everywhere. Accept them and CALL THEM THAT!!

Constant money flow after years of financial drought is a miracle. Of your creation. Rain after a real drought is a miracle. Of our creation. I laughed to myself at how the work applied itself in California. As soon as we were put on water limitation, the rain came in. Why? Because we wanted it to make us happy! Sure we’re sun worshipers. We also like our green lawns. So we called in some rain….in June! We understood that we needed that balance. And we need to support Mother Nature in maintaining her balance.

And I bet that makes HER happy! Aren’t we all happier when we are supported in our balance of happiness? By ourselves and others?

I am the frequency for the happiness of myself, the earth, human relations, peace, abundance, health and everything that needs happiness in the creation of Itself. And that is everything.

Be present. And be a part of the happiness creation. It’s miraculous.

Blessings, Dee