The Thanksgiving Love Special

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Hello BeYoutiful People!  Want to feel good and happy?  I have put this wonderful package together for you to re-balance, keep creating, and be joyful.  I give thanks to all of you for being your AMAZING selves!



$320 VALUE FOR $99

This beautiful, love filled package is all centered around the power of self-love. When you truly love yourself, every endeavor you enter blossoms and grows into success. Your doubt falls away to knowing, which gives you the energy to act on what your creative instincts are beckoning you to achieve. There is nothing—nothing—more powerful than loving yourself according to psychologist Shannon Wilson. Everything springs from that. This package is specially put together to bring you into alignment and harmony so you are the vibration and charge of what you want. That must be in place for manifestation.

BuppaLaPaloo (love stuffed teddy bear)

BuppaLaPaloo is a unique, first-of-its-kind best friend for children of all ages (or your inner child)! It interacts with them and teaches strong, powerful, fun, statements to help us claim how special we really are: I love me!, I love my body!, I love to laugh!, I am so loved! are some of the joyful announcements to share.This is based in brain research and helps create, or reprogram core self-love/self-esteem synapses to have for life. This item will ship via USPS standard delivery.



I Love Me Playshop (mp4 Video)*

A 5-hour webcast presentation of Dee’s amazing workshop on loving yourself, which is the basis of all manifestation. Have fun, shift loads of energy and experience love–and love for yourself–in a way that you never have before! Dee considers this her most valuable product because self-love is the key to creation. The next best thing to Dee in person! Expansion guaranteed!

I Love Me Playshop DVD

I Am Success (mp3 Audio)*

This presentation will surprise you with the channeled information regarding the energy that must be in alignment for success to manifest in your life and business. Remember, everything begins within the Universe of You. When you are in alignment and harmony with success, you become the vibration of it, and call more of it to you. What you learn here applies to the success in everything: relationships, business, and health. It will present an entirely new perspective for you.

I Am the Miracle (mp3)•

Stop waiting!! That is the message from the channel: stop waiting for God or the world to give it to you. Stop waiting for someone to say they are sorry before you create what you want. Stop waiting for the story to go away. YOU are the miracle you have been waiting for! YOU are the one who gets to choose all of your creation, through the thoughts, emotions and feelings you allow and focus upon. This presentation will empower you exponentially in unleashing your greatest potential. You are, truly, the miracle of your own creation!

I Am Power (mp3)•

This presentation will show you exactly how powerful you are in your own creation: how it works, the astounding steps that YOU take to create anything, and the miraculous ways the Universe can respond when using a simple code. You will understand “how to magically create” like never before.

Empowerment Exercises (mp4)•

Empowerment needs to be fun! That is an intricate part of Creation Itself! These three exercises are life changing, simple and fun. They can be done anywhere you want to balance yourself and bring yourself back in to conscious creation. Dee’s clients have been using these exercises for years with great success in the areas of – Money, Success, Health, and Relationships.

The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make (mp3)•

Einstein said: The most important decision you will ever make is whether we see the Universe as friendly. Every belief system and perception you own stem from this beginning. These are the tools that shape who we are, therefore our lives. Stop and ask yourself: what is my perception of this world? Is it for me or against me, listen as all information about this choice is offered HERE! YOU are the Universe of YOU: if you see the big Universe as — you see the Universe of you in the same way. Be the Universe that supports you. Change your perspective and Who-hoooo!

Holding the Focus of Self Love (mp3)•

Wow! We are finding that we have been right in our information about the principle of self-love. We just had no idea that THIS is the basis of creation itself: both in dissolving the old and the creation of the new! Join Dee for glorious exploration into self-love and how to use it in the creation of light into manifestation. Learn the specific steps, techniques and the EXPERIENCE of creating with this powerful tool. If we are not utilizing self-love, creation itself is…non-existent. Holy Hell! What does THAT mean???

It Is My Time Now (mp3)•

If not now, when? If not you, who? What needs to be in harmony for us to claim this time as OUR time? What is the one unique formula that empowers you in this moment of now? We know this moment is when it all happens. Are you ready to seize your time? To know absolutely and unconditionally that this is IT?? Join Dee for this exciting exploration into claiming your moment. The channel absolutely guarantees your answer.

Dee Wallace


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