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Balance $55

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Next Age of Enlightenment Webinar

There is definitive information being given around the energetic causes of some specific illnesses. Subjects like high blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety, focus issues (ADD/ADHD included) and several others will be included. Information behind cancer will actually be channeled to us during the call, which means you are all a part of holding the space for the information to come in! Please join us for this exciting, final webinar of 2012. Dec.12 ( the beginning of the next age of enlightenment!) from 7-9pm PST (10-12pm EST). We claimed physical healing at the beginning of the year. Here it is. To move into enlightenment we need bodies in health that are free to focus on creation. Buy Now!

Aging Webinar with Dr. Bredice

April 17, 7-9p.m. PDT - Join myself and  Dr. Frank Bredice--YES! HE'S BACK!!, for this two hour seminar on AGING: why we age, the beliefs that affect aging,  what  the  medical truths are,  and what can be done medically and energetically to enhance youthful aging! This is a specialty of Dr. Bredice's.  According to the channel: Giving up our dreams is the beginning of aging. Sign up now! Buy Now!


This webinar will cover everything you need to know--or remember--about being the most open, accurate channel possible. We will delve into limiting beliefs about trust, self-worth, and ability so you can move into the empowerment of obtaining the highest information for yourself and others. To truly be able to access, and feel, the truth is a power beyond words. You no longer have to guess or wonder if you are on the right track, and you receive mind-blowing information for self creation. Join Dee September 19, 7-9 PDT, for this webinar on the power of channeling, and hear the God of You clearly.
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WOW!! Join me for this Valentine webinar that will be in three parts over two hours:  The Relationship With the Self/ How That Creates Relationships with Others/ How that Creates the Relationship with Abundance. February 13, from 7-9 pm, join Dee for this glorious exploration into how we work, why, and how to create the best you for the best life possible. Get discernment about all relationships from love and sex to spiritual unions. Discover how your partner mirrors you OR who you want to be! Give yourself the Valentine that keeps on giving: YOU. Buy Now!

Important Decision

Einstein said there was only one decision to really make: do you view the Universe as friendly, or hostile? I believe this is what our work is all about. I also believe our belief systems about a hostile Universe are so ingrained and accepted that we don't realize we are supporting them. And we are. I JUST realized this week a big way I was reinforcing this. Please join me, and let's blow wide open this misguided belief passed down through generations. I want every specific piece we can uncover about this. And I need your help! Buy Now!


Think of a lightning storm, and the electrical connection from above to below. That is the channeled picture of the electrical energy connection between all thought and chosen thought that you electrically magnetize to you through choice. Love and Joy are the emotional states that drive  the intentional vibrations of choice, which create the perfect storm of creation.  The information around this is staggering, and the reaction to the simplicity and responsibility of living in love are inviting people to face their biggest "stuff." Join Dee as we unravel, empower, and clarify how this scientifically works, and your power in living as your own electrical conduit. Wednesday, October 30, 2013  7-9pm PT - 10pm ET. Buy Now!

Predictions & Messages from the Other Side

Next Webinar: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 7-9 pm PT Join Dee and psychic medium Sharon Anne Klingler as they explore messages from the other side coming forth to guide us into 2014! We will be accessing information from the channel and incorporating Sharon's new book, Power Words, asking all energy on the other side to give us power words of direct guidance for the new year. There will be information for the whole collective, and personal readings will be offered also as time permits. You will be amazed at the speed and accuracy of Sharon's connection with those crossed over! Please join us for this exciting opportunity to get a head's up on 2014! Tuesday, December 17, 7-9pm PT Buy Now!


Join Dee Wallace and the Channel for an amazing look into OVERWHELM! Find the hidden truths and blocks that create overwhelm. Learn how energetically to identify and release patterns that keep you in the "Overwhelm Cycle" of life. Overwhelm is counter productive to creation. It makes us "back away" and play safe. Get the definitive answers to how you can get the control back and get happy! Wed., Nov. 13, 2013 from 7-9pm PT - 10pm ET.

Sign up at http://iamdeewallace.com/video/signup/index/c/OVERWHELM. $20 Buy Now!


This is the most important word/concept and commitment for 2013. Empowerment:  How can I empower myself, what do I want to empower myself with, and what do I need to know to BE the alignment of power. Gone are the days of fixing, releasing blocks, defining ourselves as incomplete and not truly walking the talk. Join me for our first awesome webinar in this next age of enlightenment: Empowerment. Let us join together in moving into the New Year with full responsibility, joy and love in the Creation of Us.  Dee  90 Minutes Buy Now!

Creation Station 1

Streaming Video Training Course.

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The Brain The Heart & The Formula

The Brain, The Heart & The Formula

This next 2 hour webinar is the culmination of the integration of the heart of the brain, the brain of the heart and our personal power. When these are united, we are truly one body of consciousness. This is what the formula represents. I invite you to be a part of bringing in this new and exciting information.

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Independence Webinar

Join me on Wed., July 18, 2012 for our next webinar:  INDEPENDENCE. This is what we desire most in every subject of our lives: the freedom of completion. To achieve that, we must create ourselves as INDEPENDENT of any other energy in the creation of Us. The highest message from the channel: JOY is the highest vibration creating independence in any subject. Let us come together and receive all guidance to that choice. Hint: You Are the Highest Answer. To be free in money, relationships, health etc., you must be free within yourself first.
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Spirituality & Religion Webinar

April 24 7-9 pm PDT: Join Dee for this two hour webinar where we dissect the unconscious religious holds in our energy, channel clarity about the true meaning of religious and spiritual "messages" and create harmony within our energy so the Integrated Whole is working together as the I AM.  The purpose of this webinar is to empower the totality of our creation.  If we are still fighting/judging religion, we are sabotaging our creation.  If you have purchased from us in the past you will need to login to your existing account here My Account Buy Now!


Generational and Genetic Parenting: Why We're Screwed Up and How Not to Pass It On

Join the community for a two hour discussion through the channel on the patterns, messages and limiting beliefs that have been handed down, are held in our cells, are running us in the present, and are being passed on to future generations. Be free to create yourself through the unlimited possibility of who You Are;

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Forgiveness Webinar Page

Join the community for a two hour (7-9pm) discussion through the channel on the patterns, messages and limiting beliefs. Be free to create yourself through the unlimited possibility of who You Are.

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 Join Dee for a two hour webinar on SEX: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Dimensional Intercourse with each other and the Universe. Explore the “recigive” of sexual contact in all aspects of life, and how the formula for one applies to all. Hint: You need to trust your partner to have great sex and a beautiful experience, right? The Universe works the same way. We have to trust the Universe to have intercourse with it. The orgasm of a joyful creation is built on trust & commitment. $20

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PEACE: Disease, The Immune System & Wellness $20

PEACE: Disease, The Immune System & Wellness ($20.00 for 60 days)
Join me for two hours of channeling the highest discernment and understanding around disease, the immune system and wellness AND how that affects our Peace-and is CREATED BY our lack of peace. Joy and Love do not live in stress, and therefore our Immune System becomes compromised when we move out of those vibrations. Play with me in accessing the Truth about miraculous healing and health. That is the clear commitment we have joined together to create. June 19, 7-9 PM Pacific. THIS WILL BE A DOWNLOAD ONCE THE WEBINAR IS POSTED

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The Paradox between Fear & Power $20

This two hour webinar is discerning any and all beliefs and fears that still might be lurking in our energy around the devil, dark energy, energy "affecting/infecting" us, and any beliefs that entertain that energy can have power over us in harmful ways. These beliefs need to be brought into wholeness so we KNOW we have all that energy to direct as light into the manifestation of love. Join meNov 14thfrom 7-9 PM PDT and be a part of bringing all this forward and into the light--once and for all!  Blessings, Dee Buy Now!

Power Webinar $10

Listen in on this webinar for insertion and advice. This webinar unlike Dee's previous webcasts does not contain personal work It is purely informational in nature. Buy Now!

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