April 11, 2020, 10am-5pm



To participate in scene work $350 – Only 24 spots available! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE SCENE WORK TICKET


To audit: $200 – 25 spots available CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE AUDIT TICKET


There is more than technique to a successful acting career: connections, energy, representation etc.… All need to be in place for a busy, joyful career in the film industry.

Dee Wallace, star of E.T., Cujo, The Howling, NCIS, Shooter and hundreds more credits will be teaching a six-hour intensive on:


  • the art of acting (2-person scene work with critique)

  • being a working actor

  • identifying the energetic blocks that are keeping you from creating your dream

Ms. Wallace is a successful working actor of 45 years with a resume of over 200 film credits including five series and 400 commercials. She had one of the largest acting studios in Los Angeles for over 18 years, where she brought her Charles Conrad film technique to hundreds of new and working actors. Ms. Wallace is also a clairaudient channel and deciphers the blocks keeping you from accessing emotions, blocks about success and money that are thwarting you, and anything that is compromising your self-worth. This is a one day, one-of a kind workshop of empowerment.

April 11, 2020, 10am-5pm with an hour lunch break.


To participate in scene work $350 – Only 24 spots available! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE SCENE WORK TICKET


To audit: $200 – 25 spots available CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE AUDIT TICKET




Dee Wallace saved my life. I mean that not only in the metaphorical sense, I mean it in the literal sense as well. I went to Dee’s scene study to expand and sharpen my acting skills and what I received was so much more. I learned that the highest level of acting can only be obtained through the deepest parts of myself. In studying with Dee, I learned how to access these parts and when necessary. I learned how to heal what was broken. I can honestly say my instrument as an actor, due to Dee and her approach, is infinitely greater but even more important, my ability to live my life in freedom and harmony is infinitely greater as well.


I studied with Dee for 5 years and not only gained acting skills, but was able to develop a trust in my self, my inner voice and my instincts like never before. Acting had never been so much fun and so fulfilling! Dee will help you grow as a person and as an artist and performer. I love Dee with all my heart and am so grateful for all the gifts I got from her class!



I studied with Dee Wallace for several years and continue to call upon her for help when needed for big auditions. Dee taught me to bring spontaneity and stillness to my performances, which is key in working in film and television. Aside from her acting technique she also emphasizes the importance of a strong positive attitude and a belief in manifesting your own destiny. I have used Dee’s approach to help me achieve a very successful career as an actor for over 30 years with over 100 roles to my credit in film and television. She is by far the biggest influence in my life!!






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