The clarity of information that came through our private session was astounding.

I thought I understood me, but I had no idea of what was running me! My marriage is much improved, and I feel happy to get up every morning. That is a lot to say after years of depression. I am so very thankful.

T.N. Texas

“It’s been so hard to fill this out and describe what worked and what didn’t, because to me it all worked!

There was a structure to the class, but such openness to allowing the energy to take us where we needed to go.  I was expecting a lot of good information going in, but when I got there I was blown away.  This weekend has been invaluable to me.”


“I recommend this course to ANYone who is ready to take responsibility for their life.

I’ve become a clear, accurate channel through this work, and create miracles constantly.  I created a six figure income last year, and I’m not even employed!!  I guarantee if you commit to loving yourself, Creation Station will assist you in ways that are phenomenal!”


“I highly recommend Creation Station!

I have attended twice and those weekends have changed my life in amazing ways!  You love Dee?  Get thee to Creation Station!”


I woke feeling so much love and joy. The ahh ha moments came to me and brought tears to my eyes

Connie Super

This work has changed my life in every way. I am happier, healthier and creating more everywhere in my life. Thank you for teaching me how to use my power.

S.S. Kansas

This conscious creation stuff is AMAZING. It’s almost like magic. I cannot believe I was waiting for everyone else to do it for me and I was the answer! Thank you, Dee, for the authenticity of this work. I am living the talk, and life is fun!!

S.R. Pennsylvania

After years with full blown aids, I began working with Dee’s principles. Applying self direction and choosing joy, I have been told I am now aids free. My count is higher than it has ever been and holding. For me this is a miracle.


Getting a session with you was like winning the lottery. I love how you went directly to the issues.  All kinds of things started to magically occur and it hasn’t even been 24 hours!


Since listening to your show, I have weaned myself off anxiety medication and completely cured myself of allergies!


Last Monday was hands down the best healing session of my life. I got so much clarity!


I feel like I can write a testimonial for you after every private, workshop and webinar!

I am writing to thank you over and over for the work you are doing and the clarity in which you bring forth powerful information.


Dearest Dee,  I just finished my session with you and I feel like I got a whole new lifetime!


Just sitting here thinking how much change I’ve had and how wonderful my life is…and it’s primarily due to you and your commitment to ‘learning’ energy and teaching others.  Just eternally grateful.


Dee – you HAVE to release the ‘Gratitude of Self Love’ Program  to the world.   I genuinely believe this is your ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’.

I have been on this journey for over 12 years after discovering I had a near death experience.  I have read all the books, been to all the classes and yes, bought and burned the t-shirt.  After being so stuck in my story and not even realizing the power within me..after much resistance, I  went to Dee’s Creation Station.  In a matter of a day, my entire paradigm shifted 180 degrees.  I am no longer stuck in my story and am really starting to create from a brand new amazing place!   My heart is soo full of gratitude to Dee ..that I feel like shouting it from the rooftops!


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