Isn’t that what we are all wanting most in our lives? To be happy? In order to create that, we must know HOW. How can I be happy when…I’m not? The following are the channel’s guidelines:


1) As in all creation, you must first know that is what you want. It might surprise you to know that there are many of us that DON’T want to be happy, because we have learned that Unhappiness=Happiness. For example, the “more I struggle the more worthy I am” is not a great belief in the creation of happiness.


2) Commit to doing anything you need to do to create YOU in a state of happiness within You.


3) Direct your masculine and feminine to be in balance (within themselves and with each other) and to work together in creating the state of happiness.


4) “To thine own self be true.” Be who you are. Acknowledge your true self and your talents you bring to the world. And that can be as simple as baking cookies for the kids in the neighborhood!


5) Say “NO” when you are not in alignment with the happiness of saying YES


Take the time to really ponder these points and see where you can bring yourself into more alignment for your happiness.


You are worth it.