“Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more.”

-Dee Wallace


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BORN expands the concepts of Law of Attraction exponentially and awesomely simplifies everything you think you know about the power of Self-Creation.

BORN is NOT a book about affirmations, visioning, Dark Energy, Self-Protection, or waiting for directions from God, the Guides or the Angels, Karma, or Struggle.

It IS a book about Directing Energy, Knowing, Neutrality, Self-Actualization, Knowing You are the Power, Claiming You Desires, and Easy Creation.

Dee Wallace’s BORN is a powerful book about how Spirituality, Brain Science, and Religion are all teaching the same principles, and how you can easily use them in creating your life.

BuppaLaPaloo & the I LOVE MEs

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A lonely, sad little boy sits alone on a bench. BuppaLaPaloo enters and asks what’s wrong. The little boy explains he doesn’t know who he is because everyone else is giving him definitions around how they see him: shy, not big enough, not a good playmate, etc. BuppaLaPaloo explains that the only person who can define him and decide who he is, is him! BuppaLaPaloo leads him through the process of deciding what he wants, and then deciding to BE that. The boy ends up stating exactly who he is in a powerful way that ends with joy and hugs all around.

The lessons of BuppaLaPaloo books are centered on self-love, empowerment, choice, and action for children at the beginning stages of defining themselves, which define their lives.

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Conscious Creation Radio Show

July 7th 2024…The Conscious Creation Radio Show
has a NEW HOME!

We will now be broadcasting Conscious Creation on Instant Teleseminar. Connection PIN: 161329# dial *2 to raise your hand to speak to Dee!
The PIN will be the same every week.
You will not be able to access the show on Blog Talk Radio.

You can call in internationally!

Private Sessions!

The focus of a private healing session with Dee Wallace is to assist an individual in discerning limiting beliefs and fears to bring about a balance in the person’s life.

What People Are Saying


“Thank you so much Dee and your channel. I am so grateful for this message. It feels like having a door unlocked which I had lost the key too!! You brought me to tears, and my energy is already shifting!”


“Best gift I ever gave to myself! Dee has changed my life in the best way possible. From the first session with her I was blown away. Dee helps me to get to the root of my problems and tackle them head on. She is beyond supportive and has the best heart. She really wants you to succeed in life. I can’t recommend Dee enough; you will have zero regrets!”


“I have never had anyone so accurately speak to my core. It is time to approach life differently. And the great thing is that, when you start doing it, life changes. I have bought lots of classes over the years. None of them helped me like this one. Thank you, Dee, for creating this! I highly recommend it.”


“I am so happy and grateful to receive your message!

Upon reflection I realize “struggle” had been a part of all my manifestations.

Now I am allowing ease and claim all my desires with peace and joy.”


“You’ve brought some necessary things right into the front of my mind and that’s so key because I need to remember in the moment.

I’ve already consciously noticed [since our session] some things I protect myself from and was primed and ready with prayer and intent to keep my heart open! Thank you, Thank you



Thank you for bringing up my anxiety on Sunday’s call. I was overly anxious about my friends in CA. I was living in CA when the accident occurred 20 years ago and at that time it was a traumatic shock to me too that I had never fully released. By bring this to my attention, I was able to finally release this and calm down.



The biggest fear we face is accepting our own power. Accept now that you are the Powerful God of You.

You deserve that joy.

-Dee Wallace

Blue Dove

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The Gift

Please accept The Gift as my gift to you. It is a great place to start so that you can embrace the gift of I Am! It is the introduction to the I Am Series (which deals with specific channeled information).

Past Life Regression

This is a past life regression facilitated by Dolores Cannon for me during our summer tour. It’s message is so incredibly powerful, that I wanted to make it available for all of you. Please know that my intention for clarity going into the session was “for discernment around the pattern shared by my father, brother, myself and daughter pertaining to a pattern of sabotage that happens right before we move into a really powerful place. I want to know why that happens to all of us.” Let this message empower you to be your light. Love, Dee

I Am The Creation Of Me


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