“Love yourself beyond anyone or anything else. Love yourself so much that you can’t do anything that doesn’t make you love yourself more.”

-Dee Wallace

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Dee, Thank you for all of your fantastic and loving work!  I’ve really begun to understand the true power of love to create the life I want to live.  I’ve been on this journey to consciousness for a very long time and finding your work has been the most revolutionary of all, because I finally understand the power of knowing my core beliefs. I’ve listened to many of your archived shows and signed up for your latest webinars.  I listen to each caller and how their beliefs are defining their lives. I have learned so much about my own core beliefs and I’m beginning to see and feel a deepening of love and centeredness. Wow, Wow, Wow!! This is the real power of love, self-love!! Dee, this is the most memorable Easter I’ve ever had, and one that I know has connected me to my deepest joy and love!! Thank you Heaps!! With so much love…

J.P. Oklahoma

I have been working with Dee Wallace for 1 year, talking once a month. It is a journey I wish for everyone.This human angel has a pure channel to push you forward and let your true colors shine! She speaks the truth and takes you firmly but lovingly by your hand, and shines a light on the parts that are hiding in the dark, so real freedom and healing can happen. “Ohhhh you are soooo good at what you do!” I don’t know how many times I have just shouted that straight out when talking to her! She never ceases to amaze me with her direct, pure channel. And she has a great sense of humor, love and attention and her “straight on – no bullshit” – way of working is such a liberating experience. You can really trust her words and that she will guide you in the right direction no matter what. I love her and I am eternally grateful for all she has given me so I could help myself, and take back my own power both health wise and in all areas of my life.

A.C. Sweden

Hi Dee, and Happy New Year! I hope your year’s off to a good start and that you had a great time in Australia.  First off, I wanted to say thank you for coming up w/the Buppa bear. My daughter loves hers! We got it for her and gave it to her for Christmas. It’s been magic watching her listen to it and repeat back what it says. And she records the cutest messages to repeat back as well like, “I love dancing crazy!” It’s really great for her and seems to give her a boost, which will help as we kick off a new semester. I attached a picture of her w/her bear from Christmas morning. So thanks for that!

A.N. Arizona

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The Little Child Experience

In this on camera, four part presentation, you will learn how to access your little child, their fears and their limiting beliefs. You will learn how to redirect them, and how to integrate them so they are working with you toward your desires. Please watch the informative video, and join me in this amazing program that will give you insights and freedom!


Conscious Creation Radio Show

Sundays 9:00am PST. Call in at (319) 527-6305 or listen to Dee live for fun, truth and instantaneous shift into empowerment. Choose to be the creator of You from the free will that is your power, and celebrate the joy!


Private Sessions!

The focus of a private healing session with Dee Wallace is to assist an individual in discerning limiting beliefs and fears to bring about a balance in the person’s life.


Russia, North Korea & Freedom: What the hell is going on?

In order to stay balanced in creation, and out of fear, we have to understand objectively what is going on: the whys, what ifs, and hows of a situation. Right now we are fighting daily to hold our balance in what appears to be a world falling a part in confusion and chaos. There ARE answers. Join me on Wednesday, May 17 from 7-9:00 PM PT/10 PM ET



The most powerful little bear on the planet. BuppaLaPaloo is a powerful little friend that teaches your child the first steps of truly loving themselves, which is the core of all high self-esteem and the cornerstone of a successful life.


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The biggest fear we face is accepting our own power. Accept now that you are the Powerful God of You.

You deserve that joy.

-Dee Wallace

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The Gift

Please accept The Gift as my gift to you. It is a great place to start so that you can embrace the gift of I Am! It is the introduction to the I Am Series (which deals with specific channeled information).


Past Life Regression

This is a past life regression facilitated by Dolores Cannon for me during our summer tour. It’s message is so incredibly powerful, that I wanted to make it available for all of you. Please know that my intention for clarity going into the session was “for discernment around the pattern shared by my father, brother, myself and daughter pertaining to a pattern of sabotage that happens right before we move into a really powerful place. I want to know why that happens to all of us.” Let this message empower you to be your light. Love, Dee


I Am The Creation Of Me




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