Whatever “signal” we send out to the Universe, that experience is returned to us in the experiences of our lives. That is what is meant by the expression, “As within … so without.”


Whatever we are in alignment/harmony/agreement within ourselves and our belief systems is, literally, Who We Are.


So I ask you….do you BELIEVE that you belong? Do you believe you belong as the powerful God of You? Do you BELIEVE you are wanted, respected, honored, and special in this life? Because the Universe cannot match those experiences in your life if they are not in place WITHIN YOU. That is why it is imperative for you to take responsibility to CHOOSE the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that match what you want. Feeeeeeeeeeeel the love for yourself and your greatness. Feel the joy of belonging to a life of love, prosperity, health and success.


When you choose to gift yourselves this love and self-definition, all energy matches it, and you live the life you claim!