According to the channel, we must retrain our brains to default to the positive choice of what we WANT: to choose the thought that matches our desire. That means we must remain conscious of our thinking and feeling so we can select what matches our desire.



For example:


I am challenged by this sickness.

It scares me.

What if I die?

What if I am not here for my family?


Those thoughts do not match what I want!

What thoughts match what I want?

What I want is to be well with lots of vitality.

I Am well and vital!

I am always here for my family!

I love me!  (Consciously choose to feel love and joy. BE the state of love for yourself)

I AM the power of love, and my body is amazing!


The more consciously you think, feel and believe, the more you create the life you want.

Choose to live consciously, and empower your creative self to give you what you desire!