Self-Acknowledgement is a part of self-love. A big part. Since the Universe matches the signals we put out, if WE ARE NOT ACKNOWLEDGING OURSELVES IN OUR GREATNESS, the Universe cannot bring us experiences of being acknowledged.


For example: I was doing work around expanding my understanding of truly BEING the Light that creates me as health and wellness. It took me to self-acknowledgement. I was perusing how easy it was for me to get started in New York and how quickly I achieved being acknowledged for what I did and for my talents.


The key word the channel took me to was FAITH. I had faith in me, in the world, in my abilities, in the process. And then I was hurt badly in the business. I allowed someone whom I GAVE more power than I gave myself to take my faith away. Instead of remembering that I Am the Creator of Me, I allowed this person to have dominion over me. And when that happens, we threaten the faith in our self, and self-acknowledgement goes out the window. Then, the Universe cannot match the original faith because it has been compromised.


Let us hold the clear intention to have complete faith in ourselves and choose to acknowledge our gifts and our greatness in every way. We are the Powerful Gods of Us, and we choose to share that light with all energy!