“To share from your heart is to say to the world:

I trust you and know I am

safe and secure here”

-Dee Wallace


According to the channel, we must retrain our brains to default to the positive choice of what we WANT: to choose the thought that matches our desire. That means we must remain conscious of our thinking and feeling so we can select what matches our desire.  ...

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Whatever "signal" we send out to the Universe, that experience is returned to us in the experiences of our lives. That is what is meant by the expression, "As within ... so without."   Whatever we are in alignment/harmony/agreement within ourselves and our belief...

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THE CHANNEL---AND MYSELF---WANT TO GET TO THE HIGHEST CLARITY REGARDING THINGS GOING ON IN POLITICS AT THE PRESENT MOMENT, IN HOPE OF BRINGING GUIDANCE.   The following is all channeled information   1) Everyone is God. The question is: What is your...

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Self-Acknowledgement is a part of self-love. A big part. Since the Universe matches the signals we put out, if WE ARE NOT ACKNOWLEDGING OURSELVES IN OUR GREATNESS, the Universe cannot bring us experiences of being acknowledged.   For example: I was doing work...

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Today is the first day of this new year and for new creations of Us.   What do you CHOOSE to let go of today? What limiting thoughts are you replacing with thoughts that match what you want? How can you CHOOSE to be happier and healthier in 2024? How can you...

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This is a season based on Faith. Historically, it is based in religion and religious practices. Many of us have graduated from the old teachings into new understandings of how involved we are in the creation of ourselves and our responsibility of choice in our own...

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During this season of celebration, let's celebrate ourselves!   Take a moment, right now, to list five places in your life where you are happier, creating more, personally responsible more for the creation of who you are, healthier in any way, any improvements in...

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There is a lot coming in regarding transition. The channel says the entire world is experiencing transition at this time. And it's for the good, although many times we do not experience it in the positive. Transition can be anything from birth to death to weddings to...

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Core Belief # 5

Today I want to discuss Core Belief # 5: I have to give up me so I can take care of others.   Most women know this one intimately: we are taught and modeled it all our lives. It is a strong holdover from the days where "the little woman's job is to stay home and...

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I love Thanksgiving. Growing up, it was a time of close family getting together to celebrate our love for each other. We ate, we laughed, and we were sharing a gratitude for the positive things in our lives. We didn't have much money, but we always had a turkey. We...

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