“To share from your heart is to say to the world:

I trust you and know I am

safe and secure here”

-Dee Wallace


As an actress, I know this one well. The feeling you have right before going live onstage is a mixture of dichotomy: anticipation, unknowing, trust, panic, excitement, and dread all wrapped up in one glorious moment before you step onto that stage and you are carried...

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So I keep pondering why. Why do we put our creativity on hold until we are forced to create something to save ourselves?   Why is a virus the catalyst for playing music on our balconies, celebrating our healthcare workers, appreciating our teachers, etcetera,...

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Do you know we are actually living in the most peaceful, non-violent time in history?   Is that your perspective? Is that how you define the world?   It surely wasn't my perspective until I watched the episode of NOVA on PBS called The Violence Paradox. It...

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I think that is what I am missing most during this time: hugs.   I never realized how much I love to hug, express physical hugs, love receiving them, and depend on those physical contacts of feeling love expressions. Lanny jokes that I have to hug every sci-fi...

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All of our Conscious Creation work stems from balance. All of nature is automatically programmed to return to a state of balance. When you are in balance, you are in choice. When you are out of balance, you go into reaction.   Most of the world is imbalanced in...

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I finally had the experience I have been looking for to explain the connection of EXPERIENCE that I am yearning to teach all of you.  You see, I have "understood" it for a long time. But I never moved into "Knowing" it until today. Today changed my life, and this...

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If not now, when?  If not us, who?  The channel says: Love and Joy! Love and Joy!  So I have compiled some fun, silly, loving things to help you stay in BALANCE!!   Some of them might be a little off-color, but they sure are funny! Click on...

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OK. I'm over it.  Churchill's famous words keep ringing in my brain: THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF. I mean, why has the channel taught us everything about being, staying and creating consciously if we won't/don't/aren't practicing it? 24/7. As a...

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What do you see here in this representation of the Coronavirus?   I'll tell you what I saw that energetically threw me against the wall: a fetus in the womb.   And you know what that represents? Birth. Expansion. Power. AND a baby always represents...

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I can't believe the last week in Democratic Politics.   It's been like watching a soap opera on speed and weed (not that I can relate, lol). I mean, the best screenwriters in the world couldn't come up with all these twists and turns and unbelievable plot...

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