Exercises for Directing Your Day



With this download, you receive two of the most valuable exercises the channel has given us. Be sure before beginning you establish your love place, which is anything that makes your heart open the minute you think of it: a pet, a place in nature, a baby. Anything that you feel unconditional love for.

PART 1: DIRECTING YOUR DAY – As we know, everything is energy and energy needs direction. So we must direct energy toward the intentions we hold. Here, I lead you through the suggestions the channel has that applies to everyone…world-wide. They cover absolutely everything your brain and subconscious need to direct to create the day you desire. Feel free to add anything else you are prompted to add. Remember, these are not affirmations. These are strong commands to energy so energy will have a direction to follow. As with all creation, these are more effective when done from your place of love and trust.


PART 2: BREATHING MEDITATION – This is the exercise that the channel declares as the most powerful, ongoing exercise available to us. Again, these directions are from the channel. Remember, you are doing this exercise with absolutely no agenda other than to feel love around each statement. Be sure to connect to your love place before beginning, and reconnect as often as needed. during the exercise. I created a recorded session which you can follow, so you have the highest claims available to you from the channel.  Feel free to add any that might be suggested from your higher self to you to personalize.


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