Ease, effortless, flow, joy.
Ease, effortless, flow, joy.
That is the mantra for 2016. Breaking it down, what helps to actually create the physical and energetic reality of this experience?

Have more fun. Yep. Fun is the antithesis of struggle. Remember, we get old when we don’t have fun. Our Immune Systems LOVE fun!

Don’t blame anyone else for why you can’t, don’t, won’t or don’t want to. Your happiness is your responsibility. Do whatever work you need to do to choose happiness.

Keep your heart open. Don’t just assume it IS. Direct it, feel into it, intend it consciously. I Am an open heart.

Love unconditionally: no matter what the “condition is” – love anyway.

Choose to be happy. Just because you can.

I noticed this last year that things were a lot harder and full of struggle when I wasn’t having a good time. The only common denominator in several different instances was me, so I said to myself , “STOP IT.” If you don’t get the humor here, google Bob Newhart’s STOP IT. Then apply it to whatever struggle you choose. It works with everything.

The above becomes much simpler when you get sick and tired of being unhappy and wallowing in your story. You get sick and tired of…you, being sick and tired.

So, my good people, unite! Unite in the joyful commitment to have more fun this year…in relationships, work, health, success.
Have more fun creating.

Yippee and woohooooooooooooooooooo!

Blessings, Dee xo