So I have kept my husband’s ashes in the hallway closet in their original bag for…22 years.   I spread some in Hawaii, planted a tree in the backyard with a portion of the ash, and then kept the rest because my daughter ” wanted to keep them to remember daddy.”   Really. For 22 years.   Then she started dating this beautiful actor/artist who did several amazing different art forms.   

One, in particular, I was drawn to. It uses electricity and wood to create different visuals and forms. I pondered over them, feeling their energy and wondering if I was attracted to them because we, too, use electrical impulses in our creation work. After dinner one night, we were sitting around talking about anything that surfaced and I asked him what he was doing with his art. “I’m already on it,” my daughter chimed in, “He HAS to get this out to the world.”   I smiled. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. As we looked at pictures of his most recent work, I noticed there was no signature. “Dude! You don’t sign your work?,” I inquired.   

This led to an evening of searching for limiting core beliefs that were diminishing his acceptance of his own power, which was also limiting his joy and celebration of who he was and the art he produced-both as an actor and an artist. Which led to him signing his pieces, which led to him building his website, which led to his first sales and a multitude of inquiries. This is his website –    To thank me, he presented me with an incredible art piece that incorporates Christopher’s ashes.   I never liked the idea of setting an urn on the mantle, but to display a piece of art that incorporates the ash within it, so I could celebrate it, and Chris, everyday, took my heart.  It keeps him alive and beautiful each day and somehow celebrates the artist that he was, also.   And yes, he lovingly made one for my daughter also.   And now, I am going to gift this to others, and also to my friends who have lost beloved pets.   How awesome to look at a piece of art daily and say hi to your beloved!    

xo   Blessings,


“Life and death. They are somehow sweetly and beautifully mixed. But I don’t know how.” – Gloria Swanson