I am still riding the wave of love and joy from my daughter’s wedding! What a glorious celebration of happiness. I am so happy to know she is surrounded by love from so many friends and family. And by a kind, endearing, sweet soul of a man who loves her dearly.


I was honored when they asked me to officiate. I felt an enormous responsibility to “say the right thing.” And then the channel reminded me to just “speak from my heart.” And I did.


My daughter is the most important thing in my life, and now I get to share that love with her new family…Tay and his daughter, Juni, who is 10.


Let us all hold the space and direction for a life of health, abundance, success and heart relationships for this new family.

May they always go to their hearts for answers.

May they always respect and honor each other.

May they continue to make each other laugh.

May they always EXPERIENCE how much they are loved.


My world is a joyous world. I Am Blessed.