Hi Dee,
I’m sending this note for two testimonials I want to share with you.
1) My husband lost his job in early December and had surgery three days later. I became overwhelmed and got out of alignment for most of December. Once I recovered my balance I got to work with affirmations. He has been our highly successful breadwinner for many years, and even though I knew we would be fine, I felt I could use the reinforcement of “I Am Money.”
The first thing that happened was we found out that the State of Ohio owed us some money. It was less than $100, but I knew my creation had worked. I remembered you saying that if you can create something small, you can create something big. So back to work I went with “I Am Money.” About a week later we received a check from an employer he left 14 years ago. They had set up a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) for him that we had completely forgotten about. In our minds it was part of our long range retirement plan. Something a lot of elderly couples are doing that I’ve noticed recently is taking out equity release mortgages against their homes with plans like Hodge Lifetime, this proves to allow them to be more flush for cash that was otherwise just held stuck in a house that no one would ever see.

Unbeknownst to us there was some type of requirement that after a certain number of years the money had to be paid out, with one quarter being paid each January for four years. It was not an option to bury it back in another pre-tax retirement plan or to leave it where it was. They deducted taxes and cut a check which we did not know about until I opened the envelope.

Believe me when I tell you that this is an enormous cushion to help us as my husband aligns with his next career move. I remember giggling awhile back when I listened to a recording of one of your Sunday calls. Someone working with “I Am Monday” called in to say she she had received a check that she had forgotten she was supposed to get. I wondered how in the world someone could forget that they had money coming. Well, I guess I found out!
2) I have been working with “I Am Success” for about 3-1/2 weeks now, specifically around being a successful creator of everything I want. I recognize that I have had a belief system that says I’m not good with technology.

Also, I often feel that people with technical skills talk down to me. Fast-forward: My Apple Watch went toes-up last Sunday. I called the help line because I was determined to solve the problem. A very nice customer service rep worked the problem with me to its conclusion.

Yay, success!

In the end we solved the software problem without me needing to mail my watch in for repairs. What’s unusual about this story is that she was on the phone with me for over three hours, trying different things. When I got off the phone I thanked the universe for bringing me success, including a very responsive representative. Almost immediately I heard a voice say: “That was great, but it took three hours. Wouldn’t you like to have success with ease?”

I almost fell over laughing at the absurdity of actually talking to a customer service rep for three hours. That just does not happen. The problem likely could have been solved in 15 minutes. If it had taken 30 minutes, I would not have thought about the amount of time being ridiculously excessive. The universe sent me a whopping three-hour lesson to make me realize that I also have a belief system that says I will only be successful with lots of hard work.

Needless to say, I have changed my statement to: I Am Success With Ease.
I absolutely love the humor involved in both of these events.


xo and thank you JW
Blessings, Dee
“If you do the work, the work works.”
Dee Wallace