Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day at home with my daughter and her guy. I was given a choice: go to a nice restaurant, or make crepes like we did when Gabrielle was young.
My friend questioned why on Earth I wouldn’t choose a restaurant where I could be pampered and have no mess. But when my heart felt into it, I was in so much joy thinking about the hustle and bustle of having them over, and how she devoured those crepes when she was young. Then they said they wanted to stay and hang and watch a movie.
That did it. All day with the family.¬†Made this mother’s heart happy.
I reminisced about past Mother’s Days with my sweet mommy. We never had enough money to go out, but we always made it special, and always treated her to a day of joy and rest. I wish I could have another Mother’s Day with her. To celebrate her. To honor her. I am who I am today because I was my mother’s daughter.
People often ask me when I do interviews what the best production was of my career. I never hesitate. It was the day I produced my baby. The baby six specialists said I would never conceive. The day I blessed myself with the experience of becoming a mom.
Yes, indeed, best part I have ever played.