I am shooting this lovely little family film out in Santa Clarita. The scenes today take place on a ranch where there are all kinds of animals: horses, Shetland ponies, geese, and even a very gentle ram that loves to have his head scratched. But the pen that kept luring me over was one with two mother goats and three young babies.


Every time someone would approach the pen, the two mothers would corner the three babies between them to protect them. It took me all day to get one of the mothers to trust me enough that she would venture close enough to touch her nose to my extended hand. And then instinctively, she would back up to shelter her babies again.


It touched my heart, how the love and instinct of all mothers just automatically kicks in.  It reminds me of my role in Cujo, and that maternal drive of protection and nurturing.


My hope is that we can be more like that with each other: loving, nurturing, and yes, even protective of the right to grow and flourish and become our greater selves. It is time. Time for us to unite for the greater good of all. To harbor that mother’s love for the highest respect of each other. To gently, but firmly, guard our rights to self-creation and free will … so we can all live peacefully in our pens, knowing we are safe and taken care of. Let us all hold that intention today.