I attended another convention this weekend here at home in Burbank. One of the “gifts” you receive other than the exchange of money is the varied people you get to interact with, and this convention was especially filled with those interactions.

One was Greg, who created the heart light for E.T.. I found out that that was a later thought, a final creative idea that Steven Spielberg had channeled. 

It was originally going to be used only in the last scene, but once created, was worked throughout the entire movie. It did, literally, become THE message of the film: keep your heart light on. A good reminder to always keep creating and following your guidance.

Another beautiful moment was a lovely younger Japanese couple. The moment she walked up to the table, she burst into tears. E.T. had been the first movie she was allowed to see when she was a child. 

She tried to explain the impact in her life it had had, but the love in her eyes said it all: this film had touched her heart. She went on to explain that when she saw it, they didn’t have Halloween or pizza delivery in Japan, so she was confused in those parts of the film about what was happening. Oh, she added…now they have both!  

She hugged me as if I had been an important part of her life. I guess I had.

But the moment that touched me the most was a lovely older couple from Belgium. I have been there, and exclaimed how much I loved visiting their beautiful country. “Oh,” she exclaimed, ” We love your country so much. Everyone here is so friendly and warm. We feel like we hit a wall when we go back home.” 

She gave me a long bear-hug and thanked me again for, “my beautiful country.” I paused. I realized, again, how I was letting the anger and debasement going on in politics to persuade me to look away and LOOSE FOCUS on the beauty and dignity of my country. 

I thanked her from my heart. Thanked her for reminding me of the perspective I want to choose.

Interesting how you think you are there for one reason, and The Universe gives you bunches of gifts to receive…if you are just willing to accept them.  

Thank you for letting me be one of yours today. 




“Be open to all the little miracles in your life. They keep your heart open.”

– Dee Wallace