My intention is to write this from a detached perspective and point of view. I want to simply bring forward all the information the channel has about this challenge.


1) All our work is about choice. Creation is about choice. When we lose choice, we limit creation.

2) We betray ourselves when we give up, or do not exercise, choice. We betray others, and the God of Ourselves, when we limit their choice.

3) We are urged to take choice away so we can control others.

4) We control others because we don’t love ourselves.


This explains why we cannot merely love and allow others free choice on abortion, worship, gender. We are too threatened to allow others to be who they are, because we do not love ourselves as we are.


This is why it is so urgently important to live consciously, and choose the beliefs and thoughts that support the expansion of love, self-love, and the right to choose. So we create the world of love and choice for all. Where can you accept someone’s choice today, knowing you love yourself enough to allow them their own self-creation?