It’s up for everyone, guys. We have all come a long way. Now, can we go ALL the way?


If you didn’t listen to Sunday’s show you need to listen. The channel explained why most of us are holding back our power. That is not conducive to conscious creation and definitely not a match to self-love. We must KNOW our creative abilities to shift our realities and the world as a whole. Here are four things to bring into alignment. THESE ARE ADDITIONS to the info on Sunday’s call:


1) Consciously send out the signal that you KNOW you are a powerful creator, and expect the Universe to create with you!

2) WANT to be the God of You. You are, anyway, so you might as well embrace the powerful God of You.

3) Since you are the GOD of YOU, know that whenever you betray yourself with fear, judgement, or limitation, the God of you, and the God of all, must match that betrayal. That is how we become conscious of positive choice.

4) You ARE energy, so be the God of You that knows you HAVE enough energy to consciously create yourself and your life.


I hope you embrace the above and put them into ACTION in your life. Remember, we are witnessing the greatest transformation of human consciousness in a long time. Be a positive part of it!



“Your freedom comes with accepting your power of choice.”
-The Channel