If we don’t accept our power, we cannot utilize it.

If we do not define ourselves as powerful, we cannot be powerful. If we do not know we are safe and secure being powerful, we never move into our power with…power.

Ask these questions:
1) Do I want to be powerful?
2) Do I love power?
3) Do I trust power?
4) Do I believe I Am power?
5) Do I believe power loves me?
6) Do I believe I can/do direct power through Divine Love?

All these must be in alignment ( harmony) for us to BE POWER.

Not get power, not “feel” powerful, not “access” power from another force, but to actually BE the power who chooses and creates.

We are the force of power.

Remember, ” As you believe, that is the life that shows up.” So get your belief systems that support your power in place.

I Am Power.

I Am the choice of Power.

I Am safe to be Powerful through Divine Love.

Power honors me, and I honor It.

I love Power through Love.

I Am Power!

Match this with the feeeeeeling of love. Trust. And expand the very definition of who you are.

Blessings, Dee
“Those who improve with age embrace personal power and personal achievement and begin to replace youth with wisdom, innocence with understanding,  and lack of purpose with self actualization.”

–  Bo Bennet