That is what I am dealing with in just about every private session and in my own life: we are beginning to create like crazy…and it scares us.


What if I don’t have enough energy?

What if I don’t deserve it?

What if someone will take it away? Or it just goes away?

Wow! Do I really want this?


All of these “thoughts” are coming from our little child within. The little child that was taught limitations. And fear. And struggle, and unworthiness. Do you understand they are trying to keep us SAFE? Their beliefs are based in false teachings, and THEY NEED TO BE RE-PARENTED!        BY US!      We must be an integrated whole, working together, to create what our adult self is desiring.


This week, really work with your Little Child. Ask them what their fears are of you being massively successful. And then love them. Take care of them. Re-teach them, and invite them to be one complete creator with you. It’s what you want. It’s what they want. You just need to let them know they are safe to embrace it!