I was asked to create some activations for an event. Now, I know activations are the in thing right now. But I asked the channel, “Isn’t that what we always do when we direct energy?” The answer: No! OK. Blow me over with a breath. Then what ARE we doing? The answer: Your I Am Presence is the activator that you are responsible for directing. So, in essence, we are directing the activator to activate!!
Wow. Again, blow me over with a breath.

So the choice and consciousness to do that is imperative to activate the I Am Presence which activates…everything. In order to do that, self-love must be in place and be practiced. Otherwise, we don’t choose. We hope. Hope comes before action, and an activation is a direction to commit to action.

Once you commit, you activate that energy that brings the whole world into alliance with your commitment. I had been thinking about, sort of planning, mulling something over for weeks. I was sure I had lost the contact I needed if I was going to move on this half-way commitment. Last night I chose to direct my energy that creates—my I Am Presence—to commit. Today the contact called me. Out of the blue.

You see, all this work on “fixing” ourselves and looking for the “blocks” HAVE to be revealed when you commit to loving yourself and commit to getting what you want. When we commit to love, freedom, balance, peace, harmony, wellness and money, we call it in as surely as the contact that connected “out of the blue.” Because that’s the world of all possibilities where EVERYthing drops from.

Join me in directing our I Am Presence…the presence that activates the energy in the direction of your choosing. Know what you want, love yourself, and direct. Then receive. From out of the blue, baby.

And so it is.

Blessings, Dee