The channel told us at the beginning of covid that, “Those who can adapt will thrive.” It continues to remain true.


Things and events are happening so rapidly now and that brings a lot of change, which brings the need for adaptation. Otherwise you go into overwhelm and chaos erupts. When we adapt, we invite flow into our lives, and we release the need to force things into our perspective and expectations.

IF we are intending to create more, many different aspects of that puzzle must be juggled into successful flow. Those of you that do private sessions with me know we must adapt to my shooting schedule and exciting opportunities like The Drew Barrymore Show that present themselves often at the last moment. But when our intention is to trust in the flow of everyone being served in the highest ways, all works out…and sometimes even in better ways!


Here is what the channel has to offer you regarding adaptation:

1) You are the Powerful God of You that can adapt to anything

2) You are the One to CHOOSE peace and flow around adapting and change

3) Choose to know it is in your highest good.


As in everything, it is your perspective that creates a peaceful, happy, successful flow. A perspective that YOU CHOOSE.