I’m writing you today from Northern California. I arrived last night in preparation for a new film I am doing. I couldn’t turn it down. When I tell you the story line, you’ll understand why.


It’s a horror film about … how our fears and traumas take us over and literally become the monsters that feed off of us.


Holy Hell. I nearly fell over when I read it. “That,” I thought to myself, “is exactly what my healing work is all about.”


It is being directed by a friend of mine that I have done other projects with, and he “wrote it with me in mind.” No kidding. It brings both sides of Dee and her passions together: something I have been visualizing and directing into manifestation. At one point, a teacher actually writes on the chalk board to her class: be the energy you want to attract in the world. I was hooked.


Now, as excited as I was about doing this film, I could feel the opposite pull of not wanting to fly, not wanting to be away from home, and the extended travel we would be doing throughout the filming process. I had to consciously sit and deal with this anxiety.


What did I really want? To know I travel safely, to experience joy and fun on the set, to know I am always connected to my daughter and Lanny and Freedom through my heart and intention WHILE I am creating a character I love. And … to know I had enough energy to create this wonderful character while being centered and balanced.


So that’s what I directed. And then I felt the power and strength flood back in. I just forgot, for ever a brief moment, that I had the power to create what I wanted.


What do YOU want to create? Where do YOU need to regain your power? Step up to the plate with your consciousness and hit that ball out of the park! There’s a home run waiting for you!




“If you’re not in the game, you can’t hit a home run.” 
-David Hasselhoff