Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it!  We all age.

I want to include here a little poem my grandmother recited to the doctor when they were evaluating whether she was “able to live in her own home or should be sent directly to a nursing facility”. 

The doctor asked my grandmother’s age (she was 84 at the time.) After admonishing him for inquiring about a woman’s age, she sat up, looked him straight in the eye, and recited the following:

Age is just a state of mind.

If you’ve left your dreams behind THEN you’re old.

But if in life you’ve kept your zest,

And if in life you’ve done your best,

You’re not old … no matter how the birthdays fold!!

There was a brief moment of complete silence, a small smile, and the doctor turned to my mom and said, “Yep. She can definitely go home.”

My grandmother was right. Age depends on your perspective. And your perspective is a CHOICE, like everything in conscious creation.

The perspective you choose creates the rest of the life you live. I’m with grandma: I will keep my zest and do my best and keep thinking young. 

I choose to create THAT life. And so it is Babycakes! 



“Age is inevitable. Aging isn’t.”

– Marv Levy