Alaska is…COLD. I don’t like being cold. I much prefer complaining about how hot it is!


But I have to say, it is stunningly beautiful! And clean. Kind of…pristine. And so worth this wonderful, layered, intricate character I am getting to play in this film.


As much of life, there are many yin/yang situations in shooting a film. There is a lot of adaptation to all sorts of things: the environment, the hours, the different personalities, my energy level. And I have found that what makes the difference in the entire experience is the perspective I CHOOSE. You can change a whole experience through your CHOICE of how you are perceiving things.


Here is what the channel wants you to know about perspective:


1) It’s up to you. No matter what is going on, you can always choose…or choose to change…your perspective.

2) Sometimes, your choice of perspective can threaten your “story”. To change perspective, we often must give up our story, so we are able to see through a “new lens”.

3) Changing to a more positive perspective is GOOD for us. We must embrace the self-love that comes with insisting we view situations through a bigger, clearer lens.


So basically, a new perspective is a choice we make for our own good, that expands our self-love and opens up more possibilities of creation through joy and happiness.


Please think of one thing you wish to shift right now. What NEW perspective can you hold to see a brighter, more positive outcome?