What does it take to keep an open heart, anyway? We know it is important both physically and spiritually in the creation of our lives. But how do we get there, and how do we consistently maintain one?

An open heart works in conjunction with open chakras, or energy centers. Both support each other in being open and flowing energetically. When both are open, we are able to access joy and a more balanced perspective and vibration. Chakras should be open (front and back), balanced, and spinning in the right direction.

Our Hara Line (the energetic line that moves up through all our chakras into an imaginary I.D. point above our crown chakra) must be “straight, strong and through the I.D. point. The Hara Line allows us to really feel our knowing, so we don’t go in and out of what we believe. It replaces doubt. Again, The Hara Line is dependent on the open heart and the open chakras, and vice versa.

We must be “in alignment with Source,” or to state it more simply, we must be aligned with ourselves. Our Higher Selves. The Selves that know. Again, this alignment is interdependent on the open heart, the open chakras, and the straight Hara Line.

Now, I ask, why are the pituitary and pineal not involved in this formula? The answer: The pituitary and pineal automatically open when all else is in place. Wow.

So, here is the directorial statement:

My heart is open and merged with my whole brain. My chakras are open, balanced and spinning in the right direction. My Hara Line is straight, strong and through the I.D. point. I am aligned with Source.
And, the channel adds, you want to get there really easily? Have fun. Fun does all the above automatically. Go have fun!!

Blessings, Dee