So, like the channel has explained over the years, we never “get there” because there is no “there” to get to. There is only expanded understanding that goes on. We are already “there.” We just need to understand what “there” means.



So here is the latest and greatest from the channel. Open your minds to the expansion you are being invited into.


1) In the beginning, there was only energy.

2) Energy created consciousness. It did this from its desire to expand.

3) That consciousness created a belief in Gods/Goddesses/God to help it expand more.

4) In doing so, it forgot that IT was all there is.

5) This led to a belief/teaching that we (energy) carried sin which needed to be “paid for” in some way.

6) Now it is time to wake up. Time to regain our knowing of the energy that is the Everything, that we are and are a part of.

7) All dis-ease is formed from this belief that we must “pay for our sins.”

8) The new babies coming in do not own this belief. All others in embodiment do.

9) We are God, and God is Us. Or, we are Energy and Energy is Us.

10) The highest word for God is energy. Energy needs direction. We are the Gods who give it that direction.

110 God/Energy is Love. The more you create with love, the more the energy responds to Itself.

12) I Am the way. I Am the truth. I Am the life. I Am the Light. Direct the god/Energy of You to BE THAT!