Today is the one year anniversary of my daughter’s wedding (9/4/15). This time last year, we were busy shuffling things to the wedding site, coordinating catering, applying make-up, wrangling family while mounting excitement prevailed over all.

It was a joyful time.

This year following the big day has been filled with both yin and yang in the lives of the newlyweds…and her mother. There have been so many successes to revel in: expansion in Adam’s Brightguest business, ownership in a sports club (one of his big dreams), Gabrielle’s producer/directorial debut and several movies under her belt. Many of the dreams they had going into this marriage have progressed nicely.

There have been disappointments along the way: jobs falling through, the usual challenges a first year in marriage always brings while we learn to compromise and understand one another. Some plans not accomplished, some championships not quite won.

As I look back over this very busy, very full year, I can clearly see from an objective lens the balance of it all, and how perspectives colored what was and oftentimes, what wasn’t. But the balancing factor throughout was always the question: What would love do? How do I proceed from the place of love? What is the role of love in this?

As I strive to guide and offer advice to these two people I love, I constantly have to remind myself to follow the advice I give to the most important person in my life; stay balanced, love yourself, love him, and always come from an open heart. And always, always ask the important question: What makes me happy?

I know from my life that to be a great teacher is to follow the principles you teach, and when it comes to my beloved daughter, the principles to follow are very clear. In the final moment, there is but one question to ask: Fear? or Love?

And so I say to Gabrielle, and all of you whom I serve with so much love and appreciation and dedication: Go bravely into this world and create with courage all that makes you happy. Allow and respect others along the way. And know through joy and focus, you are the creation of it all.

Happy Anniversary, darling. Here’s to a life filled with love.

Love, Mom