For those of you who follow this blog, you  are aware of the challenge that has recently arisen around my mortgage situation. I want to take you on the journey of finding the pony in the poop.

Okay, I went into big reaction when I found out my agreement was up and my mortgage payments were doubling.

CORRECTION: My little girl went into big reaction. I was living in the SENSE MEMORY of my little Deanna at five, looking up at a scary man who was threatening that ” I wouldn’t have anywhere to live if my parents didn’t pay their rent.”

Thank God for this work. My adult self started taking over the dialogue, reasoning that this WAS a sense memory, and not the reality of my life now.

In this moment I had more than enough.
I made myself sit down and actually list in black and white what I had.

I shared an hour with my CPA and learned about all the options I had that will create me being just fine.

I stayed on top of every moment I would start sliding back into my little girl fear so I could re-parent myself.

I realized I was fine, and all would be handled, and began the refinancing journey.

And then….I began feeling anxious. That was the word I associated with the feeling inside. The channel liked ” apprehensive” better.

Now, I kept attributing this to my fear of “not being safe,” and kept claiming I Am Wellness and I Am the Light of Love. On the plane to Hawaii, the big breakthrough emerged.

I was testing with the channel, asking what else I could to, to maintain balance around it all, and I received this huge message: You are not apprehensive that things are not o.k., you are apprehensive that things are too easy.

That creation is easy. You are frightened because you have always defined creation as STRUGGLE and WORKING HARD. So now, knowing all is well and handled and easy…WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DO YOU CREATE…easily?

As soon as I heard it, the truth in me knew. Bingo. Right on. Exactly. So now I get to claim, around Creation is Easy, that I Am Wellness and I Am the Light of Love. I Am the parallel trajectory of the God of Easy Creation.

I feel a huge expansion and joy around this. A power of Freedom I have not felt before. I invite you to join me. Wanna be Freeeeeeeeeee?

Blessings, Dee