What exactly IS faith? A knowing, a belief, a hope? I believe faith is the acknowledgement of our connection with the Universal Force of Creation.
It is the experience of the truth that all creational energy is working with us together toward our clear choice and intention, and that the greatest sin against ourselves and Universal Creation is not choosing the power of this experience of choice.
But APPLIED faith is faith in action: taking action from that place of already knowing that our connection to creation always responds and comes through for us. Faith: We are the choice that chooses from our free will what we create, WHILE IN FAITH THAT WE ARE ALWAYS WORKING AS PARTNERS with the Creative Force that must, and always does, deliver. Action from this place of faith delivers. Action from a lack of faith rarely does.
Many people are waiting for the proof of the action so they can have the faith. That is, as my mother used to say, bass-backwards! The faith in knowing how nature and creation unfailingly works creates the desired outcome.
Faith is knowing, not based on proof. For example, you “know” you love someone, but you can’t literally prove it in a material way. So the pony here is: ACT IN FAITH.
Blessings, Dee
“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

–  Martin Luther King