For those of you who missed our last show, I want to review the biggest new understanding the channel made clear regarding the law, “As you believe, it is delivered to you.”


The channel explained the answer to a question we have been asking throughout time: Why do the good guys finish last? Now, let me hasten to explain I no longer hold this belief. I wouldn’t be me and be where I am in life if I did. But we DO wonder how corrupt people with no integrity reap such fabulous rewards. It is because THEY DON’T BELIEVE THEY ARE WRONG. They believe that using people is “good business,” or some other positive attribute. So, because they don’t BELIEVE they are wrong, they do not reap the consequences.


That is why it is paramount that you CHOOSE the beliefs that will give you the results you desire, so the energetic field is wide open for you to create and receive them.


Do not just read this. Ponder it. Where can you redirect a belief to create more abundance in your life?