If you are waiting for God, the guides, or the angels to give you a clear direction, you will be waiting for a very long time. Why? Because God gave you the free will to create yourself through CHOICE.

It says clearly in the I Am Discourses that, “God cannot and will not intervene on your behalf without YOUR CLEAR CHOICE.


So, what does a clear choice mean? It does NOT mean studying for years, reading books about a subject, discussing taking workshop upon workshop, or trading endless thoughts on a subject. It means you make the decision, in every moment of every now, to take action and LIVE YOUR CHOICE. Living our choice takes commitment. It means moving forward. It means doing it, no matter what. It means commitment without doubt. Naivete that all is delivered. Knowing. Trusting. Until those aspects are in place, you are still “trying” to do “it,” whatever “it” is.


Being the God of You makes you the decision maker.

Being the God of You makes you the answer.

Being the God of You the creator.


So, ask yourselves. Are you “there” regarding money?

Are you “there” regarding relationships?

Are you “there” regarding health?

Are you “there” regarding success?


Or are you still “studying” how to get there?


Please claim with me: I Am the Powerful God of Me who Knows and Takes Action. I Create Now. And so it is.