We are receiving important information re: Belonging. From much DNA lineage, it is embedded in us that we continually have to prove ourselves … to “prove” we belong. That puts us in continual fight or flight.

Which is how we prove to ourselves our own value, but which eventually is how we betray ourselves and abandon our own self-love and self-worth.


The state of belonging starts within us. As with all frequencies of belief, if they are not in place WITHIN US first, the signal we send out is one of lack and incomplete self-love which drives us to prove ourselves. It’s a never-ending cycle.


We must know “we are supposed to belong, and to experience that!” That is our Divine Right Destiny.

If everything is energy, all is One. It all belongs/we all belong because there is no separation. There is just … what is. And “what is” belongs because it created the Oneness.


Let us love ourselves so unconditionally that we KNOW we are the Oneness that belongs to Itself. We are supposed to belong. We already belong. AND we must consciously choose that perspective.┬áBecause, “As YOU believe, It is delivered to you!”