It’s up again. Big time, and with a vengeance. I want us to write the word, feel love around it, focus on it, put joy with it, celebrate it…BELONGING.

What exactly does it mean to belong? We feel loved when we feel like we belong. We feel accepted. We feel safe. We feel connected to “the Whole.”  But there is more. There is the core.

And the core is: The world (and everyone in it), and God have time for me: time to listen and hear. Time to be with me. Time to honor me. Time to acknowledge me. When the world treats me THAT way, I know I belong.

But let us ask ourselves: is that how we treat ourselves? Are we waiting for the outside world to demonstrate these actions to us so we will then know “I belong?”  We know it happens in the opposite way. “As I believe, the world demonstrates.” I have to believe I am worthy, I have to take time to listen to me, I have to take time to be with me, and honor me, and acknowledge me.  THEN the world can mirror back to me that charge I am sending out. And the most beautiful part? I will actually be able to experience it because I feel it within myself. I can accept the love. I know I am worthy to be celebrated.

Let’s begin today to send that charge of self-love out to the Ionosphere. Give it two weeks. Diligently. Go to your love place and match that love feeling with self-love and acknowledgment. Tell the Universe (which includes your subconscious and your brain) that “I AM READY TO BELONG. I EXPERIENCE BELONGING TO MYSELF AND TO THE ONE.” Write the word “BELONG.”

Because we do.  We belong. We are God and the Creative Force. We belong to that right and to that energy, because that is all there is. If we are separated, it is because of our beliefs. Then the illusion of separation is our reality. Choose to belong and choose to know you do. The world becomes a much kinder place.

Blessings, Dee