I am ecstatic at how joyful I have been playing with my best friend this week. She just also happens to be my daughter!  We have been going to various events and red carpets celebrating her achievements as writer, director and actress in the short film she made last year. When she won her first award, I was beside myself. I wish someone had filmed it…I could use it as a great acting reminder of pure, unadulterated joy.

I have been fortunate to witness her grace, charm and professionalism in handling all the meetings, people and places she has needed to navigate. She has, in every way, become an incredible woman. And yes, secretly, I am patting myself on the back. I did good.

Gabrielle and I have been through many challenges in our lives, not the least of which was the death of her daddy. And now, it is nice to live in celebration of life together.

Next week I leave for The Sonoma Film Festival to celebrate my own short film, Charlie’s Gift. It is up for many awards, including best short, and…you guessed it…best actress. There is something strangely mystical and fabulous that both of us are celebrating ourselves (and each other) with honors in the field of work we both love. It’s quite in-explainable, the closeness and magical essence of this journey together. And you know what? I knew it from the day I pictured her and felt into her love. I knew it before I created her in the flesh. I felt the bond. I experienced the joy.

The hardest thing in my life was when she pulled away from me–as all children must–during her teen years when she had to have that dramatic space to find out who she was. The loss of our heart connection during those years was devastating to me. Thank God I found this book called “Yes! Your Teen Is Crazy.” It gave me distance. It gave me the ability to be patient. And then, miraculously, she returned. And now, my friend, confidant, and fellow celebrator of life is reconnected to me in full force. As I reminisce, it occurs that I played out the same scenario with my own mother. Thank God I returned. I know beyond a doubt that my daughter would not be who she is if my mother had not been who she was. Lucky me, caught in the middle of an amazing sandwich. I am blessed with love, and today I share it all with you. Look for it. If you need, be patient till you discover it and create it. It is there for you. I promise.

Blessings, Dee