I am consciously looking for, and counting, all the blessings in my life. I am finding bucket loads!


My beautiful family, my doggie Freedom, my Lanny who is always there to help and support, my wonderful community whom I love so dearly and where we support each other, my health, my abundance, my home, and my beautiful daughter and her wonderful guy, Tay.


Sure, there are struggles, but I find that when I focus consciously on the blessings, they far exceed the worries. Besides, I know that worry just gets me more of what I don’t want, so I vigilantly don’t dwell there.


I am writing this from stunning Sedona, looking out from a home to the great, magestic red rock mountains outside. It has been a perfect day: a little rest, some writing, some pool time with Gab, time to read and meditate. A simple day to love and create. I was honored that Gabrielle asked me to accompany her when Tay had last minute duties and couldn’t make it. Such a simple thing that made me feel … special. Yes, blessed.


And then I got an email from my niece with pictures of the horrendous flooding in their home from the hurricane. Three feet of mud and poop in their basement, a totally engulfed back yard of water, and a five year old and two, two year old twins who lost lots of toys and can’t understand what all the stress is about.


I got on the phone immediately to see how they were. You know what some of her first words to me were? At least we’re all ok, we have enough money to make it through, some friends came to help, and just hearing your voice is a blessing.


Yep. There was that word again: blessing. Even in catastrophe, we can find the blessings if we focus on them.


And so, my beautiful people I love so very much, look where your blessings are. And look where you can be a blessing. Because we need all of them we can find, and we always need to make more.


“Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.”

-George Eliot