It’s up everywhere I look and with everyone I talk to, beginning with me.


A friend wanted me to do something for them, which I felt OK about. Then something else was added. Then something else. Then something else. At one point, the joy of giving moved into slight resentment, because I had crossed the line where I was no longer honoring myself. Then I did work for a client around her illnesses. It all came down to … yep, not speaking her truth and setting boundaries for herself. Her body was, literally, saying “I can’t hold all this up anymore! I’m caving.”


When we cross that line of helping into enabling, we betray our self-love and our creation process. And we know that if we don’t address something energetically that needs to be shifted, it WILL manifest as a physical challenge so we HAVE to address it. There are, literally, hundreds of stories of cancer victims who, once they realized how their anger was fueling the sickness, addressed it, healed, and never had a re-occurrence.


So, be kind and loving and conscious with yourself, and listen or feel into when you go into that slight resentment place. Take a breath, and re-direct yourself to speak your truth with love. The people who really love you, will embrace it and hear you!



“Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration, and resentment.”
-Dale Carnegie