Synchronicity. You gotta love it. I am led to Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. Then I get an email about Dr. Gloria Kaye and the channel says, quite loudly and firmly, “you have to do this.” Then I receive the following information about our work:

That when we claim and direct the “cocktail,” the first five statements on Sheet One, we are actually directing cell reorganization and healing. The cocktail is all about the electrical charge that we are, and its partnership with the electromagnetic force of the Universe. Bruce Lipton, as it turns out, talks in depth about the electrical and electromagnetic features of a cell. Sometimes I wish I had focused with more enthusiasm in Science Class! The good news is that we channeled very specific, high end information… and that we are just beginning to understand the enormous messages we brought in.

Our work has been directing the elimination of what we do not want within the construction and memory of our cells, and redirecting and replacing those memories with the new charges of positive focused choices. Wow.

Dr. Kaye, it just happens, works in the redirection of cells. If you ever wonder whether the world is conspiring FOR you, this is a good argument for the defense of this. Of course, I ASKED for clarity and I ASKED how we could heal ourselves! I have been learning and guided in the school of my asking ever since.

The highest thing to know is that our powerful direction/choice and our partnership with the Creative Force/God/The Divine and our willingness for miracles creates……….miracles.

In the body, mind and soul.

Let us proclaim to ourselves and the world: I am the world of all possibilities, and I allow all possibilities to be delivered to me!

Blessings, Dee