I’m going through a difficult test right now. An old wound has been opened up by an age-old advisory, and I am in reaction. It is a hurt of disrespects, lack of integrity, and unfairness. A hurt that damaged my career. AND THAT IS MY STORY I KEEP TELLING.


It’s challenging to move on from the story, because it keeps repeating itself. And that is the point I want to make to you … and to myself. When we keep telling our stories, holding the miscarriage of justice, not living in the love that we KNOW is our FREEDOM, then the story keeps repeating and repeating and repeating itself. Sometimes in days, and sometimes years later.


The challenge now, for me, is to CHOOSE. Do I want to live in hate and revenge and victimness, or do I want to live in freedom and love and joy? When I put it that way, the answer seems simple and clear. So, I want to know once and for all, for me and for you, what keeps us from choosing that and letting go?


I just tested it, and the channel took me to an old religious song, The Old Rugged Cross. It is, obviously, about the crucifixion. And the new core belief, “I must be crucified to be free.”


NO MORE. I am done with it. Let this be our new claim: I AM FREE. And so it is forevermore.