I hear me say it all the time: I hate change. What a deterrent to the Creation Process, which is all about CHANGE! 

That is why we must let go of our stories, so we can change them. That’s why we must face our fears, so we can change the future. That’s why we must embrace letting go of ALL the old, so we can create a better new.

That is the highest positive word for change: CREATE. Notice the channel did not say re-create, which holds the focus on fixing and dealing with the old, but only, only, only on what we wish to create positively NOW.

Why is it we balk at change? Because the brain likes to hold onto what it knows, what is familiar, what it is comfortable with. Even if it’s being a battered wife, living in poverty, and not succeeding. At least we know that. We’re used to that story. 

Brain experts confirm that we would rather revel in struggle than create in ease. More endorphins are released while we are TRYING to get to the goal than when we actually get there! More fuel to sustain the argument against change. They also confirm…it doesn’t work.

There is also the fact that, even though we love where we are at in the moment of now, we still need change to create newer, more excitement, more growth. Something MUST move us out of our comfort zone, or we don’t expand.

And because The Universe always gets our electrical signal, it will bring change whether we consciously ask for and allow it or not, because The Universe knows we want to, have to, choose to expand.

This coming year, we are all going to be asked to change and adapt more than ever before. To leap off that ledge so we can see the next step appears. We will be asked to define, clearly, how we want change to look and how we define it. It will expand us more than we know. 

So, let’s claim together: I Am the change I create, and it’s easy and joyful and expansive and successful! And so, it is!




“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.”

– Hugh Prather