That’s what it feels like: the anticipation, the excitement, the waiting for the big surprise! We have opened up another door into the direction of energy, and the child in me is beside herself.

Cells. DNA. How can we really affect the direction of physical energy without involving the very core aspects of It? I asked, and when you ask, you have to start receiving. How can we truly affect the direction of CELLULAR ENERGY?

It seems that statements on our sheets have been doing that all along. We just weren’t clear that that is what the words meant.

In the Ionosphere and beyond

I Am Creation

I Am the frequency of the balance of choice and creation in the radiation of my light, and I am the electrical charge of the electromagnetic whole within the whole. I am the charge that creates.

I Am the power, the love, the joy and the choice. My heart is open.

I claim this for all energy in all dimensions.

This is the statement that accepts the power to be the electrical/emotional charge that directs the membrane of the cell which ultimately gives the cell creative direction.

As Bruce Lipton says in his book, Biology of Belief: “Thoughts, the mind’s energy, directly influence how the physical brain controls the body’s physiology…thought energy can activate…or inhibit…the cell’s constructive and destructive interference. The fact is that harnessing the power of your mind can be MORE effective than the drugs you have been programmed you need.”

And this week, this information was delivered to us:

Your “cells all have ‘memory beliefs’ that need to be released: we are being told to “direct the cells to reprogram and shift the memories of the BELIEFS within the cells to be in alignment with Divine Love.” And we need to claim the statements above around this for seven days. Please ask all energy to come in and participate with this great opportunity.

Your thoughts and the emotions that are connected to them ARE the electrical charge of You. Plug yourself in to the positive charge of love. It’s more scientific than you will ever know.

Blessings, Dee