The song We Wish You a Merry Christmas keeps wafting through my holiday focused brain. Christmas consumes me. I have a Christmas closet I add to all year long. I look for special little things for special people and secretly tuck them away for the special season that brings so much joy to my life. All those wishes for people … hidden away with care till the moment of sharing arrives.

It occurred to me that all those gifts are really wishes for happiness and love. All the moments spying special treasures are wishes for joy that is shared, and that my greatest wish for the people I love is … joyful peace and calm: a release from the worry, demand, obligation and concerns of daily life so they experience the freedom of the state of pure love.

I am asking you to grant my wish this holiday season, and strive to choose peaceful thoughts, restful moments, and heartfelt love for yourself and your life. You are the baby, the shepherd, and the wise man. You are The Story. Embrace your Glory. Let’s create the very best of Us this holiday. Be Peaceful in Love.