Print this and post it for reference until it is second nature.
During an amazing private session, the following information was delivered to us. It is the guiding points we need to always remain in balance and creation.

Basically, there are only four main things to remember. Everything else is REmembering one, or all of those cornerstones. When these four cornerstones are in place energetically, conscious, complete creation is happening.
1) Am I loving myself?
2) Do I live in endless love for all energy?
3) Am I living in the Present Moment?
4) Do I know I Am the God and Creator of me?

This is what the channel calls “The Circle of Creation.”
When these are circulating together in a continuously flowing circle, we expand and the understanding of creation expands.
When they are out of harmony–ANY of them, it affects the others and the circle is pulled within itself, as water down a drain. It constricts, rather than expands. When the circle expands continuously, we create new patterns, new neural pathways and synapses. We create new perspectives and belief systems. We create new lives.

When the circle collapses within itself, we create stress. When we create stress, we create disease and struggle and unhappiness which “drains” us even more. Our nervous systems are disrupted.
Whenever you feel out of sorts or imbalanced, ask yourself these four guiding questions:
Am I in love with myself in this moment?
Am I loving others in this moment?
Am I here, in the present, or worrying about the future or the past?
Am I remembering I am my own creator? Or have I given my creation away to something or someone else in this moment?
Everything…EVERYTHING that we will ever continue to learn and understand, comes from being conscious of these four questions.

So, you see, we really ARE there. We must consciously choose to HOLD ourselves there.
Do you believe it is possible?
Do you believe you deserve it?
Do you believe this can be easy?
Because, “As You Believe, It Is Delivered Unto You.”

Blessings, Dee