As I wrote the title, the channel whispered softly, “You never leave happiness. You just decide to change your focus to the struggle.”


And when I asked why, It answered, “So you can continue to feel separated.”


I don’t want to feel separate … from anything or anyone. So … what do I want to be a part of? Everything. And to EXPERIENCE that. Because without the experience, it never feels real. Never fully manifests within us.


Today I am on the set of a movie.  I love my part. I love the people.  I love the EXPERIENCE. And that is where I choose to live every moment in the full experience of being one with my daughter, my friends, my man, my home, my career, and my doggie. And that has to come from ME … from within ME. Nothing they can do can fulfill the experience within me if I am not available to the experience. And so I choose.


An open heart. A willingness to connect. Open chakras. And unconditional love.  First and foremost for myself, and then unconditionally going out to all. I hope you can feel it, because I Am the experience of it.