So this is how it works:
You feel miserable.
That tells you that you are out of alignment with Source (you don’t know all is well, you’re fabulous and the world is great and on your side).  You put up with it as long as you can while you continue to hold onto your personal hell, because no matter how hard you try to get BACK into alignment you can’t. You realize you can’t because you don’t want to give something up, or you don’t understand what it’s about. You make the intention that NO MATTER WHAT you have to get back into alignment.

· You stay focused and determined. And then you allow.
· You remind yourself that Source is supporting you in this discovery, and NEVER judging you.
· You allow the information to be delivered to you ANY WAY it wants to come in.
· You take action to stay the path.
· You realize how the world shows up differently while the shift is happening.
· You acknowledge it.
· You celebrate it.

Sometimes we still think we have to fight alignment (read above definition again) to get back to feeling great. Feeling great keeps us in alignment.

This work was given to me so we can explore what conflicting belief systems are running us subconsciously, that continue to take us out of alignment (feeling good). It’s a process of expansion. Embrace it. Treasure it. Love yourself for being the great explorer that you are.When you walk your truth of being in resonance with clarity and love and knowing, alignment naturally falls into place.

Whenever you feel angry, judgmental, jealous, fearful, righteous…you are out of alignment. You can come back. Source always feels good and balanced, so if you don’t, you have left that alignment place.

Of course, the payoff is that as soon as you shift, the world shifts around you. Because it HAS to match your vibration and charge.

Give whatever “it” is up. Feel good. Let the Universe play with you. It’s a choice, and it’s yours.

Blessings, Dee