I asked the channel what to write about. It took me to a movie: Out of Africa. I had to google it. The part I got a “yes” on was about the husband being a philanderer. I had to google it: a man going from woman to woman having short sexual interludes. Huh?

Then the channel took me to the sheets, where the genetic subject was Knowing the I Am Is Within Me. When you put it all together, that means ” Going in and out of Knowing I Am God.”

So, in other words, we have been flirting and sexually playing around with our power of creation. We own it for a brief while, we skip out and deny it, try it somewhere else, skip out to another venture….all the time not committing to BEING The I Am Presence that we are. It is not long enough in a concentrated place TO KNOW.

We have to choose it, stay focused on it, claim it and BE IT for 4-6 weeks to really experience the truth of Who We Are.

In order to “be reborn” into our own power, we must consistently stay in our Knowing. We must commit to our Knowing and Being. And the best way to start is claiming, ” I Am My I Am Presence, and I Know It.”

And what does that mean? It means that we know we have to make our choices, and we have the power to direct those powers, and we are the power of love that creates those choices which in turn creates the joy of Knowing Our Power even more.

Hold firm to the gift of your I Am Presence, your power of creation. Do not be a philanderer of your Knowing. Do not drift, but remain firm. It is then that your power manifests your reality.
Blessings, Dee
“Commitment is an act, not a word..”

–  Jean- Paul Sartre